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Remember the days of cassettes and walkmans? All you had to do was insert a cassette or cd, slide those headphones on, and you were good to go with a limited music listening experience. A lot has changed since those days and so, apparently, has the walkman. 

As a part of the celebrations of the walkman’s 40th anniversary, Sony is launching an updated version that blends seamlessly into this digital age. Dubbed the NW-A100TPS Walkman, this innovative new music player has some surprising features. 

Sony has always been known for high-quality products with fantastic audio quality. The new walkman is no exception. While the sound is great, the appearance is a nod towards nostalgia. A soft case comes with the player which makes it closely resemble its original version, a cassette player, and it even has the added touch of making it look like an actual cassette is playing. 

The twist? That cassette looking screen is actually a sophisticated touch screen that allows you to choose music, view album art, get track details, and so much more. The storage is a bit small at 16GB, but that just means you only put your favorite tunes on for a more personalized listening experience. 

Other features include a high-resolution touch screen, wifi streaming, microSD slot, and USB port. The price, coming in at around $900, is similar to a smartphone. Thinking about getting one? Just wait until you hear the audio. You might not be able to resist!