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Ever wonder how so many musicians have popped up seemingly out of nowhere? While there is no doubt these artists have the talent to make it big, there’s also another aspect to their success, data. Lots of cult artists or virtually unknown talent have sprung to the forefront of the music industry the past few years with a little help from research and the resulting data. 

The Digital Age

Before everything was digitized, singers, songwriters, and other professionals in the music industry relied on more traditional marketing tools to be successful, including touring and promos. With more and more information being stored digitally and music consumption occurring digitally, a treasure trove of information is at the fingertips of anyone willing to research and analyze it. 

Data is being used in a variety of creative ways to create new (hopefully) hit songs and to innovate new sounds to be used in music. Analysts can also analyze data from streaming services to determine which songs are being added to playlists or listen to more often. This can then be used to drive marketing campaigns and create an even bigger distribution for that individual song. 

Finding New Stars and Inroads

Companies are using data more frequently to find the next big artist. Because of the digital nature of the music industry, it’s relatively quick to search for new songs that are increasing in popularity and then give it a larger platform, which is exactly how Khalid became more well known. Remixing songs to fit a more popular genre can also be bolstered by data. It’s a simple procedure to compare the data of which genre a particular song is performing better in and market accordingly. 

Many analysts can gain crucial information about a song or artist before ever hearing a single note of their music. Do they have a consistently growing following? Are they gaining popularity across multiple platforms? Is the content getting engagements? These indicators are essential to determining whether to take their research a step further, which can mean a big break for artists. 

Branching Out

What if music artists want to branch out with their talents? Will these seemingly unconnected exploits be accepted by their followers and therefore be successful? Which actions actually hurt an artists’ following? Where are the best locations to tour? Data can tell us all of this. 

It might seem counterintuitive, but data can help musicians and those in the music industry be more creative. It can help hone funding and effort into a more focused endeavor so no time, money, or effort is wasted. In a world where consumers’ attention is drawn so many places, data can help the music industry keep valuable focus and help others discover incredible new artists and sounds.