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A digital audio workstation, also known as a DAW, is the best way for musicians to streamline their creative process, experiment, record demos, and even come out with a polished product. Recording has never been easier, and with a DAW, musicians don’t need to pay a big, fancy studio full of technicians to make something awesome. For musicians of all skill levels, focuses, and genres, a DAW can make the creative process a whole lot easier. Here is a list of some of the best DAWs out there.


Logic Pro

This platform is flexible, professional, and extremely user-friendly. Unlike some DAWs, the user interface is very intuitive, meaning that users can get started right away. There is no prohibitive learning curve, and it’s easy to uncover new functions. Logic Pro features smooth pitch correction for audio recordings, plenty of samples, and with their Smart Tempo tool, users are given the ability to change the tempo of recorded audio without shifting the pitch. When it comes to DAWs, Logic Pro is arguably the most versatile platform on the market. Alas, there is a catch: it’s only available on Mac OS.


Ableton Live

So many creators use Ableton Live, and that’s because it caters to so many types. Whether the user is a singer-songwriter, a DJ, a composer, or anything in between, Ableton Live will adapt to anyone’s needs. They offer an impressive library of samples and VST’s, and users have an abundance of tools for constructing their own sound. Ableton Live allows users to get as technical or basic as they want, and that’s great for musicians who want to start simple and progressively build up from there.


Steinberg Cubase Pro

Steinberg has some great VSTs and MIDI capabilities, and it holds up very well when recording audio. Steinberg was one of the biggest pioneers in the history of DAWs, so their platform is built upon years of experience. They’ve been improving their product for decades, and their constant dedication really shows. At the end of the day, Cubase gives users an extremely polished interface that’s very easy to navigate.


FL Studio

This DAW is fully capable of recording audio, but it truly shines in the beat-making department. The VSTs that come with FL studio sound phenomenal and layering drums on a track is a super straightforward process that allows you to experiment with ease. They’re constantly updating the workstations with groovy new features, making it a platform that’ll never feel stale. FL Studio has an extensive sample library, and all of the native effects are super useful. With FL Studio, there’s no fluff; it’s all substance.