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To be able to hold the title of ‘Legendary Drummer’ is no easy task. Over the last century, there have been incredibly impressive drummers that have graced audiences with their sound and dynamic. Although very few have reached the level of ‘Legendary’ during their careers. In this article we will highlight 5 drummers that are arguably the most Legendary drummers of all time. 

John Bohman

John Bonhman was the drummer of the ever-popular rock band of the 60s 70s, Led Zeppelin. Bonham, or Bonzo as some people referred to him as, did not have a knack for playing subtly. Bonham was fast, heavy, lively, and virtuosic in his playing. Bonham was known for his fast right foot on the bass pedal and his ability to seamlessly keep rhythm and time with the complex and edgy riffs of Jimmy Paige. In 1980, Bonham passed away suddenly putting a halt on the continuation of Led Zeppelin. Bonham left behind a total of eight Led Zeppelin finished albums with drumming efforts that today’s drummers learn from. 

Keith Moon

Keith Moon, similar to Bonham in the way that he performed earns his spot as one of the legendary drummers. Keith Moon was the drummer of the band The Who and made sure that everyone could hear him. Moon was known for his heavy hitting drums and ability to keep time with other band members like Pete Townsend. Moon knew how to stand out in a performance. Keith Moon played the drums like he was a solo act, with all the drama and theatre that people loved to see. 

Ringo Starr 

No legendary drummer list would be complete without mentioning Ringo Starr the 4th and final piece of The Beatles. Ringo Starr kept along with his fellow bandmates and songwriters Paul Macartney and John Lennon to become one of the best drummers of his time. Ringo is sometimes referred to as The Songwriter’s Drummer. He believes this to be a good thing, being able to highlight solo sections of important vocal lines and provide clear and concise backing drumming along the way. When The Beatles changed up their sound later on in their careers, Ringo changed his style of playing to accommodate a new type of sound, and did so astoundingly. 

Neil Peart

Neil Peart earns his spot on this legendary drummer list as the drummer of Rush, a progressive rock band taking prominence in the 70s and 80s. Throughout Neil’s career, he has continuously been hungry to learn more about his craft and implement that into Rush’s songs. Neil took drumming to a whole new level with a massive kit and a 360 degree rotating set to really give his live performances a twist. Neil and the rest of Rush continue to play tours and make music today.