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Drums are the bloodlines of groove. So it should come as no surprise that there are various forms of drums around the world. Here are seven awesomely unique drums.

  1. Cajón

The cajón is a popular Afro-Peruvian musical instrument. Dating back to the late 18th century, the cajón is a box shaped instrument made from thin plywood and is used by the player sitting atop the box and slapping and tapping the sides of the box with their hands and fingers. Brushes, mallets, and sticks can also be used to create various sounds.

  1. Caxixi

The caxixi is a percussion instrument originating from Africa, Brazil, and other South American locations. The instrument is built like a basket with a rounded out bottom, often made from a dried gourd. The basket is filled with seeds or pebbles and is shaken at various angles to produce percussive sounds.

  1. Damaru

The damaru is a small, two-headed percussive instrument originating from Hinduism and Buddhism. The instrument is made from wood, metal, and even bone and the drum heads have leather covering them. The resonator of the drum is made of brass. With a twisting wrist motion, the strikers come into contact with the drum heads.

  1. Ashiko

The ashiko is a drum that has a tapered, wooden cylinder, covered with goatskin leather. The narrow end of the cylinder remains open ended and there are string fastenings around the cylinder to tune the drum. The drum originated from the past Yoruba culture of West Africa.

  1. Tabla

A tabla is a percussive instrument whose origins are linked to South Asia. The instrument is a two drum set that is made from hollowed wood, clay, or brass with a goatskin head. These drums require great skill with the fingers and palms for playing.

  1. Dabakan

The dabakan is a drum originating in the Philippines. It has an hourglass-type shape and is made from wood of either the coconut or jackfruit tree. The drum head is made of goat, carabao, deer, snake, or lizard skins. The drum is played standing up with two sticks made of bamboo or rattan.

  1. Daf

The daf is a large, tambourine-like drum from the Middle East. The frame is made of a hardwood material and is adorned with metal rings. One side is covered with a goatskin. To play it, it is struck by hand or shaken.

The world of drums is vast and there is guaranteed to be a drum out there for each and everyone’s liking.