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Music is such an important aspect of all people’s lives but especially in the early development of children. Music that is fun and wholesome is not only a great idea to introduce into your child’s everyday routine, but it should also be considered a necessity. There are three main categories of benefits that music can provide to your child.


Academic Benefits

Music in early childhood education has the ability to provide many academic benefits for your child. It can improve your child’s literacy by helping them discern different sounds. Babies become very good at differentiating their mother’s voice from others early on and introducing music can help them learn to differentiate certain sounds and words too. This discerning can then help them to learn those words and sounds sooner. Singing to and playing music around your baby is very beneficial in their pursuit of speech. It is also theorized that music can help a child improve their critical thinking and numerical skills.


Developmental Benefits

Frequent singing and playing of music around your child and including music in their early education can have great effects on their overall development. Playing an instrument can help them develop better hand-eye coordination as well as different types of sensory development. Dancing along to music and playing music can help encourage mobility and help the children fine-tune their mobility skills and overall dexterity.


Relational Benefits

Music not only has both developmental and academic benefits – but it also has a multitude of relational benefits for you and your child. It has the power to be a bonding experience between parent and child. In addition to bonding, music is quite soothing. Different types of music can provide soothing atmospheres that can be used to calm down our child. Furthermore, music playing and listening can teach patience since it does not instantly gratify but instead takes time and consistent practice.


Music, both listening to and playing it, is so integral for your child’s development for many reasons. Not only can it teach patience and dexterity but it can improve their math and literacy skills. These are just a few instances as to why you need to include music in your child’s education.