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Actor Bradley Cooper required a vocal coach for his musical role in “A Star Is Born” alongside Grammy-winning songstress Lady Gaga. He wanted to talk in a gravelly baritone and sing with Gaga live, and it took the proper professional steps to achieve it. That’s why seeing a vocal coach holds tremendous value. Cooper says, “I spent about a year and a half taking vocal lessons and preparing.”


It paid off because their duet “Shallow” is a gorgeous song.


A professional vocal coach is key for any singer looking to hone their craft in the healthiest, most effective way:


They Push The Envelope

A vocal coach will throw challenges to the singer to get them to work hard and develop their talent. This expert knows how far to encourage and persuade one to perfect their ability. If a singer chooses to concentrate only on pop music, a vocal coach might toss in the singing of some classical pieces to test and expand their range.


They Teach Sight Singing

This valuable skill takes a lot of practice, but a great vocal coach knows it’s necessary. Sight singing is having the ability to read and sing a piece of sheet music without being previously familiar with it. A good singer needs to understand the notes, the tempo, the rhythm and the volume to accomplish a superb performance.


They Show Vocal Cord Care

Respecting one’s instrument is essential, and that means keeping the vocal cords healthy at all times and avoiding potential problems like nodules. A vocal coach can detect issues when a singer is straining, losing their voice, etc.


They’re Fantastic Cheerleaders

A fine vocal coach is a singer’s number one fan. They want the vocalist to expand and achieve the best. They are there to lift the singer and keep them excelling even in the down times.


They Don’t Mind Questions

A vocal coach never tires of multiple questions thrown their way. In fact, these experts can explain every step a singer is instructed to take for each lesson.


They Have Your Back

An experienced vocal coach is dedicated to their student and takes them under their wing, so an element of trust develops. A vocal coach is more than a teacher.