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Getting ready to launch a first album is a big step for any band or aspiring musician. It is a process which should be approached carefully and with significant planning. The following guide is intended to walk newcomers through the process so they will have the best chances of a successful album release.

Establish The Basics First

Musicians should first decide on some important basic aspects of this album. This includes how many tracks will be on the album, what they will be called, the genre the band considers their music and wish to market it as, and what the album’s title will be. Choosing names from the beginning and sticking with them will prevent confusion and help musicians build buzz about their upcoming release.

Choose The Right Design

Album art is often the first thing anyone will see of a product, and it should already be obvious how important a first impression can be. On digital platforms, it is about the only visual way for one album to stand out from another. Album art is also one of the best opportunities a band has to set the tone, feel and image of their album. Bands can get the album art they want by taking the time to make it themselves or commission an artist to design it for them.

Choose The Right Distributor

For bands releasing their own albums independently of major record labels, the choice of a good distributor is essential. Bands need to select the digital distribution platforms on which they want their album to be available and discover their options for getting it on those platforms. If wanting to release a physical album as well, bands much research the various printing services available to determine which one offers the best quality and price. Bands who are releasing through a record label do not need to worry about this step.

Build Buzz

Building buzz before release is critical to ensuring a first album is a success. There are a few ways bands can build buzz for an upcoming release. Putting out a single track for free can help win fans who will buy the full album upon release. Contacting various music publications and blogs, preferably ones that focus on the relevant genres of music, can net early reviews and praise. Finally, bands should leverage social media and their own websites to build up towards the big day.