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Music festivals are such a fun and relaxing way to spend the summer. As we look forward to 2019, we can look forward to having some great times at some awesome music festivals. Canada boasts many festivals all around, but I have compiled the top six for you to look out for!

Shambhala Music Festival
Salmo River Ranch, British Columbia | August 9-12, 2019
This four-day EDM festival is such a delight! Started in 1998 as a weekend to celebrate local artists and musicians, Shambhala has only grown. Their primary mission has been to hold true to the original electronic dance music culture. They also pride themselves in not having any corporate sponsors. Across six stages, Shambhala Music Festival hosts an impressive lineup of emerging and well-known bands and musicians.

VELD Music Festival
Toronto, Ontario | August 3-4, 2019 (predicted)
The VELD Music Festival is another EDM festival that continuously boasts an impressive line-up of artists. Started in 2012, this festival features over 30 artists per year from the electronic dance music and hip-hop genres. It is not uncommon to see names like DJ Snake and Marshmellow at VELD.

Osheaga Festival
Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal | August 2-4, 2019
This three-day event has something for everyone! The name of the festival is derived from the original name that the European settlers gave Montreal, Osheaga. Not only features a great music scene but also impressive artist lineups. Each year, the Osheaga Festival will choose a specific theme and then work their artists and musicians around that. For example, this past year, the theme was Canadian and Local Artists. You can also find fun activities to enjoy when not attending a concert at one of the stages.

Quebec City Summer Festival
Quebec City, Quebec | July 4-14, 2019
The Quebec City Summer Festival is one of Canada’s largest music festivals. Eleven straight days of music, food, and fun in a downtown setting. Upwards of 1.5 million guests come to experience hundreds of performances and an eclectic selection of music. Their main stage is one of the largest in North America and can seat up to 100,000 guests. Starting in 1968, this festival has seen huge artists like the Backstreet Boys, Lorde, and Lady Gaga grace their stages.

Canadian Music Week
Toronto, Ontario | May 6-12, 2019
The Canadian Music Week not only focuses on the music performance, but it also features various keynote speakers and artist interviews. Over the last 37 years, the Canadian Music Week team has been committed to presenting a festival that celebrates and seeks to grow local Canadian music. Hundreds of bands play across over 40 venues at this week-long event.

Evolve Festival
Moncton, New Brunswick | July 5-8, 2019 (predicted)
At the Evolve Festival, you will see anyone from a local band to a worldwide performer. This 3-day event started in 2000 while focusing on grassroots music. They have evolved to include far more genres of music as well as hosting workshops on various social issues, especially those that have to do with environmental sustainability and personal well-being.