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In some ways, there is essentially one formula you can follow to be successful in almost anything. While the specifics of how to achieve each step may change, the steps don’t. The bottom line is, you generally won’t get paid to do something until you gain experience and in order to get that experience, you will often have to work for free or very little. The more you do something, however, the better you get at it and the better you get at it, the more you can charge for your services. Here are 3 steps to becoming a successful music producer.


Start at the Bottom

All bands know that a good producer can mean the difference between scratching out a living as a cover band and landing a fat recording contract. The problem is, most novice bands are looking for a seasoned producer while most novice producers are looking for a seasoned band. In truth, novice bands are the best prospects for novice producers. If a novice producer can take a novice band and help them develop a solid album, they will quickly find themselves gaining both a reputation and a burgeoning client list.


Work With Everyone

The more work you do for a wider range of bands, the better you get a producing. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a very specific style or sound that bands and musical acts can only get by working with you. In order to develop that style, however, you’re going to need experience in a wide range of genres. The more genres you are able to pull from to develop your unique style, the more desirable you will be to a wider range of acts. The best producers can produce country, jazz, hip-hop, pop and even classical albums with equal success.


Never Stop Hustling

One of the most critical mistakes most producers make is thinking that once they produce a few successful albums they can sit back and let the work come to them. The reality is, however, that the most successful people never stop hustling. They understand that not only is the industry constantly changing, but so are loyalties. Successful people count on very little except their own hard work.